Sex rooms photo srx

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Sex rooms photo srx

In the 1990s, rumors circulated about unorthodox coziness between Elena Kondakova and Valery Polyakov on a mission to the space station Mir, especially after a video got out showing Valery playfully splashing water on Elena during the flight., French author Pierre Kohler claimed that NASA had commissioned a study on sexual positions in outer space.Turns out, lobster doesn’t deserve its tag as a high-fat food (except when slathered in said butter! In fact, it’s a good source of lean protein, copper, zinc and selenium.

In addition, people normally experience lower blood pressure in space, which means reduced blood flow, which means … The space station, on the other hand, has a little more room to operate.The three-person crew generally splits up for sleeping time: Two of them bed down in a pair of tiny crew cabins at one end of the station, and the third might jump in a sleeping bag at the other end, almost 200 feet away.(The panel-and-strap design of a space bed might not be that conducive to lovemaking.) Astronauts also have a demanding work schedule, leaving them with little time or energy for messing around.Space-station crews do get time off on weekends, though, when they can watch movies, read books, play games, “and generally have a good time.” Of course, speculation has been rampant.

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Food and sex: you need 'em both, you want 'em both—and, as it turns out, they're closely linked.

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