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Speed dating america american singles

“Our format allows users to date where they want to date, on a couch, or bar, or rooftop.After an event finishes up, we find that most people stick around.“We can move them around to different bars, or bring the whole group to a party venue at the end.We can have whole groups gathering together for a finale.” Ultimately, though, City Swoon consistently receives feedback that the speed dating events provide singles more excitement than the same boring night at home scrolling on their smartphones.Every week we introduce more quality singles to each other at our events than most people meet all year! Check out our events schedule to see all our upcoming Speed Dating events and Singles Parties!

“They tell us they like having a night out, not sitting in front of an app.“The software presents photos of your matches at the speed dating event, and we’ve got a matching filter deployed.So the people you meet are more targeted,” Brett said.So the married couple used their expertise to create City Swoon, which holds modern speed dating events that pair compatible matches in real time.City Swoon’s large-scale speed dating events deploy technology while still allowing couples to test out their chemistry face to face.

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The company’s first event broke a world record for the largest speed dating event ever orchestrated.

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