Stacy keibler george clooney dating malika and robert kardashian dating

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George Clooney kept his arm around Keibler’s back as they posed for several photos.Stacy Keibler arrived at the Paris premiere of George's The Ides of March earlier October 18.

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But, seeing how were respectful members of society…and really I was afraid of those TIFF volunteers in orange shirts…we ran outside and made our way to the lines.

The rush line shouldn’t of been called a rush line…because it extended for literally miles.

The newly couple has fallen in love as they posed together for some five minutes outside Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall.

Appearing in an attractive tight black dress during the event in NYC, Keibler, who celebrated her 32th birthday last Friday, showed off her incredible body alongside her man who always in a grey suit.

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The girl at the front was literally waiting for 7 hours…yikes!!