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Starburst 2165 dating

Their masses and spans depend on their generation g specifying the number of branching sites along a path between the attachment site and the terminus.

The synthesis of ideal dendritic molecules with perfectly regular branching is conceivable for low g values.

First, it is synthetically difficult to approach g, attain their limits at high g and high MM.

Classical theory predicts that branching defects are unavoidable in large dendritic molecules when steric congestion is important.

Here we report first experimental evidence of this effect via labelling measurements of an extended homologous series of generations g=1…6 of dendronized polymers.

In particular, the defect is associated with the occurrence of non-reacted primary amine groups.

(c) The number of defects can be quantified via the ultraviolet (UV) absorbance or fluorescence of a label specifically binding to these defects.

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The synthetic regimes outlined above reflect a distinctive form of steric hindrance.

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