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The player that accomplishes the task the fastest, wins.

The best thing about candy games is that the supplies you purchase for the games double as snack food when the games are over!

As alternatives, you might try the following: (Don't tell your teen that you plan to call.

It can be hard to entertain a large group of teens inside if you don’t want to rely on planting them in front of electronics.

Great group game that gets everyone laughing and getting to know each other. There are 35 fun and challenging games to choose from - all are easy to set up and use common household items.

Set up game stations and give out prizes for the winners!

The trick is they can only use their mouths to pick up the bags and their hands cannot touch the ground to help them maintain balance when the bend over to retrieve the bags.The team that accomplishes the task the fastest, wins.When played indoors, you want to have one team go at a time and use a timer to track how long it takes each team.Since we had a bunch of wrestlers, we used wrestling rules to determine legal moves.For the most part, you’ll want to establish rules that prevent serious injury or property damage. Each team has one person wear a blindfold while the other person navigates him or her across a room filled with obstacles (a coffee table, chairs, a vacuum cleaner).

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Another thought to keep in mind: in most communities (especially in rural or suburban areas) the kids don't have a lot of options; movies are expensive, and ice cream parlors or local restaurants often close early.