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Sadly, that will never happen, and before you know it, the whole relationship becomes a nightmare. Here are nine guidelines that can help you find out: For a relationship to work, it must be based on trust.Couples therapy is not something you want to do, and many would agree it's useless. Be yourself, and don't allow your significant other to change who you are. Above everything else, stay true to your own identity. Communication issues are the number one reason couples seek therapy. Whatever you are struggling through in your relationship- we can help. Why can't they live happily ever after like in the movies?If there's trouble in paradise and you don't want to split up, then you need to talk about it.It is important to keep the flame burning if you want to be a happy couple.

Married couples who are genuinely happy understand that compromise is they key to the success of their relationship.

Couples fight because they have different needs, whether they're family related, financial or intimate. Talk to each other and say what bothers you out loud.

Conflict arises when arguments don't come to an end. Work it out, and make concessions with your partner.

Rather than focus on your spouse's flaws, you should first assess your own. Communicate more often, tell the truth and don't force him or her to change.

A lot of people go to couples therapy because they can't give up their egos.

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Get close to your partner and be happy when you're together.

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