Touching kissing orthodox dating christian

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In refusing to allow anyone to kiss his hand, any priest, who out of false humility would deprive a pious Christian the opportunity to kiss his hand, deprives the person of Christ’s blessing.

We should show this respect and receive this blessing whenever we greet and bid farewell to our spiritual authorities.

First of all, it is fully acceptable (even preferable) to stand for the entire service.

It is much like the kissing of an icon, which is not about the veneration of paint and wood, but about the archetype represented in the icon.

In the Orthodox Church, there are a lot of customs and traditions that are important parts of our worship. In the Orthodox "old countries", there are usually no pews in the churches.

From time-to-time, we need to address some of these various etiquette issues to inform our communities how we can best understand each other and work together to worship the all-holy Trinity. Sitting The traditional posture for prayer and worship in the Orthodox Church has been to stand.

Chairs or benches on the side walls are usually reserved for the elderly and infirm.

In North America, we have tended to build our churches with pews, and since we have them, we need to figure out when we may sit and when we should stand.

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The proper way to greet a priest or bishop is to ask his blessing and kiss his right hand, placing your right hand over your left hand and say “Father” or “Master” in the case of the bishop, bless.” He will make the sign of the cross, and place his right hand over yours.