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105][070328 - Jaejoong][070411 - Yoochun][070418 - Yunho][070425 - Junsu][070425 - Changmin]070917 Iple Talk - Star Live Boy Radio (E)070919 Iple Radio Behind the Scenes (E)080929 KBS-R Cool FM Kiss The Radio - Super Junior with TVXQ (E)081007 SBS-R Power FM MC Mong's Radio Show - TVXQ Ting CF 2.55MBAirsket CFBBQ Chicken (1) CF (15s)BBQ Chicken (2) CF (15s)BBQ Chicken CF (30s) [Making on MBC 060113]FILA CFLG Mobile 2006 (English) (60s)Matdongsan CF (Making)RAMODO CF [Making]Samsung Yepp CF (Junsu Micky Yunho) Samsung Yepp (2) CFSMART S 2005 CF (30s) [Making on MBC]SMART Natural Slim Style 2005 CFSMART CF 2006 1.26MBLOTTE AODELI 7% CF 10MB2nd Live Tour Five In The Black Merchandise CFSmart CF Photoshoot (060323 - KM No Cut Story)[TRAILER] Cinnamonroll Movie (with TVXQ's "Together" as main theme song)~ CF shooting in Thailand ~[30 second version] [15 second version MQ (500x375)] [ 15 second version HQ (720x480)] [Making (E)] [Press Conference]~ CF shooting in Brazil ~[9 min version] [60 sec version (feat. News - Anycall Haptic Motion CF Making PINK Anycall Haptic - Yunho Junsu BLUE Anycall Haptic - Jaejoong WHITE Anycall Haptic - Yoochun Changmin081102 SBS Inkigayo - Say No! Campaign Featuring the No Ky Brothers - Uknow and Micky: [CF 1] [CF 2] [CF 3]Featuring all DBSK members: [School Ver.] [Studio Ver.] [Acappella Ver.]Making of Ha Ha Ha School Attack & Dance Version081203 YTN Star News - TVXQ's Samsung Hahaha Campaign081203 ETN ENU News - TVXQ's Samsung Hahaha Campaign Lotte Seolleim CF (15s)Lotte Seolleim CF (30s) 090528 Making of Seolleim CF [TRAILER] Subaru Movie - Website Trailer (feat.5-member Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment.

In Korea, they are better known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (often abbreviated as DBSG or DBSK) while the Japanese equivalent of the group's name is Tōhōshinki (abbreviated as THSK). 9]MTV Ask (Eng Subbed)070414 SBS STAR KING[.001] [.002] Please join with HJ Split070423 SBS Star King (Eng Subbed)FULL Credits to Kayem7289 @ boajjang forums for subbing.070421 SBS Jihwaza - Episode 2 [.001][.002][.003][.004]070428 SBS Jihwaza - Episode 3 (Full)[.001] [.002][Softsubs] 070424 MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut)[.001] [.002] [Softsubs]MNet 21c Artist (No Cut Story)[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]070522 SPN Congratulation Message070531 Air City Drama OST Interview (Eng Subbed)070606 MNet Best19 - Star Bizarre Photograph (E)070614 No Cut TV - The South Korea E-Ambassador (Eng Subbed)070615 Iple Music Town Congratulation Message (Eng Subbed)070622 UFO Town Comment (Eng Subbed)070624 Starfile ~O~ Mini Live (E)070630 Arirang Showbiz Extra - E-Govt Ambassadors (Eng Subbed)070704 KM Idol World (TVXQ Cut) (E)070706 S Magazine Photoshoot and Comment (E)070717 Star Iple Congratulatory Message (E)070719 Mnet Wide News - Super Junior vs TVXQ (E)070801 MNet No Cut Story - KM Idol World (TVXQ Cuts) (E)070817 SM Entertainment Best Selection Message (E)070819 SBS Inkigayo - FIFA 2007 World Youth Cup Message (E)2007 SM Entertainment Global Audition Special Message (E)Making of Only Love MV070623 KBS FITB Concert Tour Report (Eng Subbed)070625 ETN Entertainment Station - FITB Concert Tour Report (E)070625 MNet Wide News - Budokan Report (E)070626 YTN Star Today - 2nd Live Tour Budokan (Eng Subbed)SM Town Summer Concert Interview 2007 (Eng Subbed)070627 Busan SM Town Concert - TVXQ in Waiting Room (E)070629 MBC SM Town Summer Concert - TVXQ Cuts (Eng Subbed)070629 ETN Entertainment Station SM Town Jacket Photography (E)070629 KM Wide News - SM Town Photography (E)070630 MNet Wide - SM Town Jacket Photographing (E)070717 ETN Starfile - SM Town Jacket Photography Part 1070719 ETN Starfile - SM Town Jacket Photography Part 2070717 Member Introduction (E)070724 First Fan Meeting (E)070802 My Little Princess MV Making (E)070821 1st Arrival At Japan (E)070824 Making of Magic Castle MV (E)070831 A-Nation'07 Backstage Pt. 3 (E)070906 TVXQ in LA (Disneyland) (E)070918 Uneasy First Performance (E)070904 MNet Wide - A-Nation Report'07 (E)080106 Exploration Of the Human Body Ep. News Lovin' You A Nation 07 Comment (Eng Subbed)070620 Kyodo News - 2nd Live Tour Japan Cuts070620 Zoom In Super - Live At Budokan (Eng Subbed)[Part 1][Part 2]070622 NANKAI Paradise (TVXQ Cut) (E)070623 TNC Chikappa - Lovin' You Comment (Eng Subbed)070706 Otoemon Interview 1 (E)070707 Channel J - J Pops (Budokan Report) (E) [.001][.002]070710 Zoom In Super - Together Comment (E)070711 Kanzai TV Purachike! Music Champ - Talk Summer Dream (E)070809 Kanzai TV MU-Jack (E)070815 FACE in Japan on Zoom In Super (E)070827 NTV Zoom in Super - A Nation News 070828 What's In Web Quiz (E)070831 Kanzai TV Mu-Jack - Interview at A Nation '07 (E)070831 13th Single - Shine Comment 070805 M-ON! Fuji)051220 Onryu 40 - Small Trip Part 3 (Handicraft Experience 1)051227 Onryu 41 - Small Trip Part 4 (Handicraft Experience 2)060110 Onryu 42 - Writing New Year060117 Onryu 43 - Small Trip (Final)060124 Onryu 44 - Jaejoong Junsu060131 Onryu 45 - 4th Single Asu Wa Kuru Kara [Live]060206 Onryu 46 - Yunho Changmin060214 Onryu 47 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 1060221 Onryu 48 - Soccer060228 Onryu 49 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 2060307 Onryu 50 - 1st Concert Part 1060314 Onryu 51 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 3060321 Onryu 52 - 1st Concert Part 2060328 Onryu 53 - Since debut in Japan060417 TNC Peace 1 (E) [.001][.002][.003]060427 TNC Peace 2 (E) [.001][.002]060504 TNC Peace 3 (At The Amusement Park) (E) [.001][.002]060511 TNC Peace 4 (E)MU [.001][.002]MF [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]060601 TNC Peace 7 (E)060525 TNC Peace 6 (At the University) (E)060608 TNC Peace 8 (E) [.001][.002][.003]TNC Peace 9 (Soccer Part 1) (E)060629 TNC Peace 10 (Soccer Part 2) (E)060706 TNC Peace 11 (E) [.001][.002][.003]060711 TNC Peace 12 (E) [.001][.002][.003]060815 TNC Peace 13 (Bowling) (E) [.001][.002][.003]061114 TNC Peace 15 (Basketball Part 1) (E)061115 TNC Peace (Basketball Part 2) (E)TNC Peace 18 (E)Channel A with Tohoshinki Part 1 (Eng Subbed)Channel A with Tohoshinki Part 2 (Eng Subbed)070329 Channel A Sports Battle (Basketball) (Eng Subbed)070405 Channel A Sports Battle (Soccer Telematch) (Eng Subbed)070510 Channel A #449 (Eng Subbed)070607 Channel A #453 (E)070621 Channel A (Healing Massage) (Eng Subbed)070719 Channel A (BBQ) (E)071206 Channel A #479 (Disaster Prevention) 080124 Channel A [GOE-SS]080417 Channel A at Universal Studios Japan 080501 Channel A (Spicy Food - Pt. 2 081023 Channel A - Takoyaki Votes 090129 Channel A - Soccer Battle [.001][.002]090507 Channel A - Prank on Yuttie 070201 ARTIST SP Part 1 (E)070215 ARTIST SP Part 2 (E) (Upload credits: t Og Ta G)070205 HEY! Live Talk (Eng Subbed)070316 Showtime Special Interview070323 Tetsuko's Room (Eng Subbed)070330 TNC Niji Goji (Eng Subbed)070420 TNC Chikappa (DBSK Cut) [Softsubs]070518 Sportswear On Sale Special Comment (Eng Subbed)070530 Lovin' You Single Comment (Eng Subbed)070601 Kansai Super News Anchor - 2nd Live Tour FITB (Eng Subbed)070601 Zoom In Super - Making Of Lovin' You MV070604 HEY! - Lovin' You PV Shooting (Jaejoong) (Eng Subbed)070614 Narutomo Interview (Eng Subbed)070615 BIGLOVE Lovin' You Comment (Changmin) (Eng Subbed)070615 NTV Music Fighter Interview (Eng Subbed)070618 Barisan - A Nation Cellphone Recommendation (Eng Subbed)070620 M-ON! 10 (E)060731 MTV M-Size (Eng Subbed) LQ070305 MTV M-Size Monthly Face (Eng Subbed)070319 MTV M-Size Talk Choosey Lover PV (Eng Subbed)070326 MTV M-Size MONTHLY FACE Talk (Eng Subbed)English Hardsubbed 050307 Onryu 01 - Intro050314 Onryu 02 - Arrival In Japan050321 Onryu 03 - Japanese Language Lesson050329 Onryu 04 - Hug (International Version)050404 Onryu 05 - Vocal Training050411 Onryu 06 - (Promotional Actvity) Magazine Interview050418 Onryu 07 - Stay With Me Tonight Jacket Photoshoot050425 Onryu 08 - Stay With Me Tonight PV050503 Onryu 09 - Picking Strawberries050510 Onryu 10 - Visit Mother Meadow (Part 1)050516 Onryu 11 - Stay With Me Tonight Showcase050524 Onryu 12 - Visit Mother Meadow (Part 2)050606 Onryu 14 - Nationwide Name Card Exchange Meet Part 2050614 Onryu 15 - Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum Visit050621 Onryu 16 - Somebody To Love Photoshoot Micky's Bday050628 Onryu 17 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 1050704 Onryu 18 - WHAT'S IN Public Coverage (Part 1)050711 Onryu 19 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 2050718 Onryu 20 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 3050725 Onryu 21 - Star Festival Event050802 Onryu 22 - WHAT's IN Part 2050809 Onryu 23 - Radio Public Broadcast050823 Onryu 24 - A Cappella Experiences Part 1050830 Onryu 25 - Bowling Part 1050906 Onryu 26 - A Cappella Experiences Part 2050913 Onryu 27 - A Nation in KOBE Part 1050920 Onryu 28 - Bowling Part 2050927 Onryu 29 - A Nation in KOBE Part 2051003 Onryu 30 - Rising Sun In Korea051011 Onryu 31 - My Destiny Cover Photoshoot051018 Onryu 32 - My Destiny PV BTS Part 1051025 Onryu 33 - My Destiny PV BTS Part 2051101 Onryu 34 - Fishing Time051108 Onryu 35 - Japan Visit Anniversary051122 Onryu 36 - Japan Visit Anniversary 2051129 Onryu 37 - Summer Memory Barbeque051206 Onryu 38 - Small Trip Part 1 (Lake Kawaguchi)051213 Onryu 39 - Small Trip Part 2 (Mt. 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]081017 Channel A - Shopping Takoyaki Pt. Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)HANAMARU CAFE (Eng Subbed)TNC Peace (Food Tasting) (Eng Subbed)Interview on TVK Shinkaigyo (Eng Subbed)[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]070223 RZTV #27 Tohoshinki - Choosey Lover070301 Gyao Interview (Full) (Eng Subbed) [MU][MF]070302 CHICHIN PUIPUI Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)070315 Yahoo! Telephone Box[Raw File 69MB] [Hardsubbed 38MB]070609 Andyu (CTV) (Eng Subbed)070611 Tohoshinki - Gokigenyou (A cappella Cut)070611 TBS Obiraji R (E)070612 NIJITYAO (Eng Subbed)070612 Gokigenyou 02 (Eng Subbed)070613 Gokigenyou 03 (E)070613 Oricon Style - Lovin You PV Shooting (Yunho) (Eng Subbed)070613 Yahoo! Junsu)] [Making of] *Eng Subbed[15 sec version][30 secs version]Opening - Let's Haptic Ep.

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