Ultimate cam 4

Posted by / 16-Apr-2020 15:40

Obviously tuned for low-speed power, torque production with the stock cam exceeded 350 lb-ft from 2,700 rpm to 5,300 rpm.

The slight loss of 8 lb-ft was more than offset by the 40 extra horsepower at the top.

Equipped with 1.7 rockers, the LS7 cam increased peak power from 353 hp and 384 lb-ft to 422 hp and 395 lb-ft.

Up to 4,500 rpm, the LM7 offered more power, but the LS7 pulled strong all the way to 6,500 rpm. LM7Given the similarity in specs, it is not surprising that the power curve offered by the LS9 mimicked that of the LS7 with 1.7 rockers.

Unlike all the other cams, the LS2 did not rev cleanly to 6,500 rpm, so we limited the peak power difference to 6,200 rpm.

The LS2 cam impressed with its power production, offering more than 400 hp (peak of 403 hp) and just less than 400 lb-ft (399 lb-ft).

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The LS1 cam would certainly offer additional performance if you kept the revs above 4,000 rpm, but know that below that point there was a torque loss.