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To get the most out of an app, you need to keep it up to date.This ensures that any alterations or additions, that have been made to the app by its developers, get straight to your apps to ensure smooth and efficient working of them. To enjoy your browsing experience to the fullest with it, you need to update Edge regularly.Here’s the deal with Microsoft Edge, however: you cannot update it on its own!As a built-in, system application, Edge receives updates whenever you update Windows 10.Although this keeps on happening automatically in the background, sometimes due to connection troubles, or other issues this automatic procedure can stop.

It includes not being able to delete favourites at once easily etc.

Updating Windows 10 is a simple, automatic process but you can choose to do it manually.

I personally like that Microsoft bundled Edge updates with Windows 10 – this way users keep their entire OS and other apps updated too, not just their browser.

Since typing this updated blog post on April 25th, Microsoft has introduced a bunch of new features including Edge extensions, the ability to pin tabs, change the default downloads location, and more!

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