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[...] Also, I aim to have more balanced, reciprocal dating; one person always planning is a no-go; both parties should take initiative.

Another goal is for more mindful dating in 2019, as well as more friend dates; all dates don’t have to be for the development of a romantic or sexual relationship.

I have made a list of dating ideas outside the box to include apartment or car shopping for fun, weekend overnight trips, and taking cooking classes.

If the date has to include alcohol, a trip to a vineyard, wine tasting, a wine class led by a sommelier, or a cocktail-making class are all more engaging dates than meeting for Happy Hour.[...]What I want to know about someone, above all else, is: Are we physically compatible? As a result, I may be more attracted to a male one day, and a female another day. This is much, much easier said than done, but I’ll definitely give it a try!If our bodies don’t fit together nicely, if our tongues don’t understand each other, if my hands can’t find a place to touch, I’d rather stop right there. ”“I’m an advertising professional in Brooklyn who has been on a grand total of five dates in the past year, two of which were [...] incredible.I have to be sure I allow the space for that with my busy schedule as a business owner, but I have high hopes 2019 will bring me good vibes.”“My primary dating goal is to be more comfortable in my sexuality.I only came out as a lesbian a few years ago, to very few people, and I want to have the strength and confidence to tell more people this year.

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I’ve spent 30-some years dating the wrong guys for the wrong reasons and the end results are the same — I’m miserable.

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  1. The more confident you feel, the sexier she’ll think you are. Remember: you’ve never met this girl before and even the best of pictures fails to portray what someone really looks like in real life.

  2. Messaging someone through an online medium is nowhere near as daunting as having to walk up to a person and lay down your game, not knowing how they are going to respond.