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Both Windows NT Workstation and Windows 2000 Professional shipped with Web servers—IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0 respectively. NET Web Server."As with all Microsoft Web servers that run on client operating systems, IIS has some restrictions.

You can have only a single Web site per installation.

Additionally, you are limited in the number of connections the server can handle; IIS 5.1 is licensed for a limit of 10 connections at any one time.

You can also forget about clustering multiple IIS 5.1 servers together for load balancing purposes, because Windows XP doesn’t support clustering, and neither does IIS 5.1.

Nor can you take IIS 5.1 from Windows XP and try to install it on your Windows 2000 servers. You might be confused about Microsoft’s decision to ship something like a Web server with what’s supposed to be a client operating system. So rather than ship a beta version of IIS 6.0, or include the old version of IIS 5.0 in Windows XP, Microsoft compromised and came up with IIS 5.1.

Bit it’s by no means the first time Microsoft has done this. IIS 5.1 contains some new features that the new XP technologies will also have in the . For more information about what’s coming with IIS 6.0, see the Daily Drill Down "What’s coming in IIS 6.0 and Windows .

In this Daily Feature, I’ll show you how IIS 5.1 differs from its cousins.

IIS 5.1 is packaged with Windows XP Professional, but it's not available for Windows XP Home.

The problem using Web Platform Installer (WPI) is that most likely you won’t be using the latest version of PHP (at the time of this writing, it’s 7.0.15 and 7.1.1 and only gives you version 7.0.9).HI You need to install iis first and then to upgrade you can simply use windows update as all default windows component will be updated by this update Let me know if you have any issues also please note i had this straight forward as you are advance on this subject and if you want any further detail will be happy to provide.IIS ships with Windows 2000, but there's also a version of IIS hiding on your Windows XP workstation: IIS 5.1.IIS 5.1 doesn’t install as part of XP’s basic Setup routines.You must either perform a custom installation and select IIS 5.1 when you first install Windows XP or go back and install it later.

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You have two options to enable TLS version on your system.