Updating iphone to 2 2

Posted by / 09-Feb-2020 01:52

Apple is touting performance as one of the main changes in i OS 12, promising things like 40 percent faster speeds for launching apps and up to 70 percent faster speed improvements for launching the camera.And while it’s tough to say whether or not those numbers are really true, the key thing is that it works.

And each notification now offers the option to edit settings for that app when it comes in — you’ll be able to set an app’s notifications to be delivered quietly, without pinging your phone, or turn them off all together, all without having to navigate Apple’s granular and labyrinthine menus.

i OS 12 is officially available today, after months of betas both for developers and the general public, following its announcement at WWDC in June.

And as is the case with Apple’s i OS updates, it’s coming to a huge range of i Phone and i Pad devices, from this year’s latest i Phone XS all the way back to 2013’s i Phone 5S.

In a similar vein, Apple has updated the Do Not Disturb mode with automatically expiring settings, and a new “Bedtime” mode that will automatically enable it for scheduled sleeping hours.

It’s overall much better than it was, but Apple still has a ways to go compared to Google’s easier-to-manage notifications in Android.

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And even more significantly, my much older i Pad Air — which was barely usable on i OS 11 — has had new life breathed into it with the software update.