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Updating itunes run or save

Step 1: Manually delete any shortcuts to i Tunes on the desktop or task bar. You can distinguish each file by the date tags at the end of the file names. Now, copy the most recent version of the i Tunes library to the i Tunes folder – go one folder back – and rename it to i Tunes Library.

Step 5: Configure i Tunes to switch back to your default library.

To do that, relaunch i Tunes with the Shift key held down, click Choose Library, select the i Tunes folder and then select the renamed i Tunes Library file within. If everything works flawlessly, you can keep on using i Tunes as usual.

If it still doesn’t work, however, you can keep on restoring earlier versions of the i Tunes library to find one that works.

Completely remove i Tunes from your computer (Follow the steps under Reinstall i Tunes to learn how to do that).

Once you've done that, download an earlier version of i Tunes from Apple.

Once you’ve singled it out, you can either contact the publisher of the plugin for an updated version or permanently remove it from the i Tunes Plug-ins folder.

Since updating or reinstalling didn't fix things, let’s do the opposite and downgrade i Tunes to an earlier version.

And, it’s my job to keep i Tunes running on Windows 10 in top shape. Just about anything can cause i Tunes to stop functioning normally.

Windows updates, corrupted music libraries, outdated network drivers, etc. If i Tunes doesn’t launch on your PC all of a sudden or if it starts crashing after some time, don’t start freaking out just yet.

It’s a bloated mess, takes ages to launch and everything feels sluggish.

Unfortunately, Apple needs me to keep using it even for something as trivial as a file transfer.

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If i Tunes loads properly, the issue might be caused by an outdated plugin.