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The settlement was then called Brownsville, after Captain James Brown, but was later named Ogden for a brigade leader of the Hudson's Bay Company, Peter Skene Ogden, who had trapped in the Weber Valley a generation earlier.

There is some confusion about which "Ogden" was the first to set foot in the area.

In November 1847, Captain James Brown purchased all the land now comprising Weber County together with some livestock and Fort Buenaventura for ,000.

Some of its 1,128 acres (456 ha) have been converted into a commercial and industrial park called the Business Depot Ogden.

Rain is provided in the form of infrequent thunderstorms during summer, usually between mid-July and mid-September during the height of monsoon season.

The Pacific storm season usually lasts from about October through May, with precipitation reaching its peak in spring.

Originally named Fort Buenaventura, Ogden was the first permanent settlement by people of European descent in what is now Utah.

It was established by the trapper Miles Goodyear in 1846 about a mile west of where downtown Ogden sits today.

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