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Validating meaning

e Life supports the sharing of research data at the time of publication.

We worked with e Life to set up measures to assess the data quality, so that the value of this shared data is better understood by the research community.

Reproducibility is a key benefit: critical in rigorous scientific testing, having clean and well-described data facilitates the easy comparison of results and ensures their validity.

Good Tables makes data-quality issues visible by providing a slick user experience and reports that can be understood by anyone working with data.

Validation is important, and will ensure that your web pages are interpreted in the same way (the way you want it) by various machines, such as search engines, as well as users and visitors to your webpage.

This allowed us to understand the current state of e Life-published data, and opened the possibility of doing more exciting things with it, such as more comprehensive tests and visualisations.

A detailed walkthrough of the processes we went through can be found here.

The resulting analysis gave e Life overall confidence in the quality of their data, as well as where improvement was needed.

A key finding was that researchers tend to present data with a view to a human visually inspecting it: for example, cells were highlighted in colours, or were used to visually separate different groups of data.

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