Validating pre post test

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This trend is for the most part due to the increasing complexity of digital systems, which limits the verification coverage provided by traditional pre-silicon methodologies.

As a result, a number of functional bugs survive into manufactured silicon, and it is the job of post-silicon validation to detect and diagnose them so that they do not escape into the released system.

During the pre-silicon process, engineers test devices in a virtual environment with sophisticated simulation, emulation, and formal verification tools.

In contrast, post-silicon validation tests occur on actual devices running at-speed in commercial, real-world system boards using logic analyzer and assertion-based tools.

Large semiconductor companies spend millions creating new components; these are the "sunk costs" of design implementation.

Consequently, it is imperative that the new chip function in full and perfect compliance to its specification, and be delivered to the market within tight consumer windows.

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The expense associated with IP-hardening is increasing.The bugs in this category are often system-level bugs and rare corner-case situations buried deep in the design state space: since these problems encompass many design modules, they are difficult to identify with pre-silicon tools, characterized by limited scalability and performance.Post-silicon validation, on the other hand, benefits from very high raw performance, since tests are executed directly on manufactured silicon.The industry today is focused on techniques that allow designers to better amortize their investment in pre-silicon verification to post-silicon validation.The best of these solutions enable affordable, scalable, automated, on-chip wire-scale visibility.

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