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Her personal life is off-limits, I am told, as is talking about Woody Allen (her co-star in her new movie, Fading Gigolo). Paradis, 41, sitting at a ginormous table, is elfin.Perhaps we’ll start with the blandly decorated, crypt-like room in the chichi Manhattan hotel where she has been entombed for this interview. Dressed in a T-shirt, skinny jeans and a fitted black jacket, she has a new choppy hairdo.For the last 14 years, the mother of Johnny Depp’s children has worn her hair long, loose, and blonde.But, with the fairly recent dissolution of her relationship with Depp, and his rumored engagement to new girlfriend Amber Heard, perhaps it was time to Obviously, this style is far more wash 'n’ go than the last one.

She wasn’t an extrovert, never thought she’d be a singer or actress, but she ended up on the local television programme L’École des fans, a talent show for child singers. I think the hardest thing in life is to make yourself happy and make others happy, so that’s the first thing you should think of, instead of cutting and pulling.” Meanwhile the singing career continues.It’s a quiet film with whimsical jazz music, so a bit like a Woody Allen film, which is confusing as he’s in it, playing the kind of funny, smart, dishevelled “Woody character” he usually plays in his own films.It is Paradis’s first English-language film and her performance — a series of longing, questioning glances and whispered phrases — isn’t a million miles away from her yearning, breathy recitation of Joe le Taxi, the 1987 French pop song that made her famous when she was 14.What she is prepared to talk about — here in our crypt — is her role in Fading Gigolo, written and directed by actor John Turturro.In the film, a guy, Fioravante (played by Turturro) becomes a middle-aged male prostitute on the advice of his friend Murray (Allen).

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Talking about everything is too precious.” Well, I say, she did have a relationship with Johnny Depp and when two famous people get together there will always be interest in that. And, I say, when that couple breaks up, similarly . “Everything I tell you, whether I speak from my heart, it’s never going to . I mean, people forget we are human beings, we have kids. And you are 14 years old, about to become an adult. You’re searching.” In retrospect it made her a stronger person. “It let me do so many amazing things I would never have accomplished at 14.” Maybe, she concedes, being so successful so young “makes you a little less ambitious”.