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Never bothered me—and I think its a good thing in way, they should get used to a woman being in charge.I know I married the right guy because my husband not only supports but encourages my career and entrepreneurial ambitions.” “I don’t generally find other women intimidating—I try to vibe off their energy and learn something from it instead.I also think that body language can cause intimidation where someone doesn’t even say anything but their body language or their ‘resting bitch face’ can be intimidating.” “Yes, I have been told that I was intimidating during interviews or in presentations.I think in the past I let stress take over sometimes and I took things a lot more serious and I think that my seriousness read ‘intimidation.’ I also think that when you meet with new people that sometimes they are just nervous on their side for an interview so you can be super nice but they might still be intimidated to meet you.I find that sometimes it is in my head and I need to stay grounded.I have been fortunate to work with a lot of amazing actresses, musicians, athletes, models and fashion designers over the years from styling to producing their fashion shows. Most of us have probably felt it, upon meeting someone who seems to have it so together—the job, the spouse, the home, the wardrobe, the sense of nonchalance about it all—that for some reason, we automatically think less of ourselves.We wonder what we could ever offer such a person, how we would even have a conversation with them without blurting out something dumb about their shoes or the photo they posted on Instagram last Sunday. And how best should we respond to the feeling that being intimidated by another woman produces in ourselves?

To be frank, the people that say women are ‘intimidating’ seem to be living a few decades in the past.” “Ha—yes.

I have definitely been nervous on my first meeting with some of my celebrity clients and after ten minutes I take a breathe and remember that they hired me for a reason and to pull it together. I think if you look away it will show you are intimidated or uncomfortable. If I ever felt intimidated, I would show someone kindness and a huge smile.

I also have a rule, ‘I only work with nice people.’ I will never work with someone that makes me feel bad or intimidated in a negative way.” “To me it means that people look up to you and your success–not just at work but your personal life as well. If we made a connection, I would make her feel more at ease through humor and see if there is any way I could help.” “It means that you are owning your space, your power and your voice in the world.

Sometimes I have definitely been intimidated during my first encounter with someone and it isn’t just that they are a name–it is sometimes the mix of because who they are, who they know, what they have done and how much of your work is going to reflect on them.

I thinking knowing your work is going to be seen and discussed with others is intimidating because you worry about failure.

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A girl that was a few years younger than me in high school told me she was intimidated by me, until I led a school-wide protest for a kid that was unfairly punished for something he didn’t do.

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