Whitelabel dating sites

Posted by / 08-Mar-2020 06:19

Big white labels or long-standing software providers like Ska Date all have great technical support, as well as tons of well-written documentation and manuals.

The eventual choice between white label and dating software comes down to making a simple decision – If what you need is a quick entry followed by sharing money and traffic – white label can be a solution.

White labels have existing “active” databases, although they are often criticized for their quality as well.

It is a good money-spinner for Global Personals as they take half of any revenue generated by the white-label sites.

The service is used by individuals who want to set up a dating business and also by …

The two have yet to issue a formal release of any kind, but Hot … White Label Dating – Make money by promoting our dating sites or creating your own.

Make money online by monetising your traffic or setting up a side project with White Label Dating.

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Nu Com’s match-making property Parship Elite bought U.