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There are scruffy-haired teens from the posher environs of South Devon on the surf lig with their Alice-banded girlfriends.

There is also, of course, a legion of the surf curious at the beach enjoying the dying embers of the autumn sun, and an equal number of shutterbugs and other media slags from every corner of the action sports media, brandishing their wristbands frantically in an attempt to get access to the top thirty-four practitioners of the sport of the Ancient Kings of Polynesia.

Perfect opportunity to have a chat away from the surf glare, right? As we pulled into the golf club, we knew something was up.

So I get to catch up with them for maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months at the most in a year.

I like to play music by myself at home, and I just learn songs that I like or write songs that I hear in my head.

When you’re not competing, how do you like to spend your day? To me it’s just a great thing lifestyle-wise, to spend hours and hours golfing with your friends just talking about life, family, kids, houses… A lot of guys, almost all the guys I [used to] surf on tour with, aren’t on tour any more, except one guy, Taylor Knox.

Pretty much my whole generation doesn’t really compete anymore.

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I’ve got to think about the heat I’m in, the wave I’m going for. You’ve got to have a clear head, and you’ve got to have nothing else you’re worrying about in your life.

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