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And while it’s pretty unlikely to be a woman, there’s a good chance one of them could be indirectly involved. just because I don’t think WWE is willing to put any of the cruiserweights or UK stars in such a high-profile feud.

Some may not follow NXT, but luckily I’m a regular viewer with good knowledge of the characters.

Same goes for Bray Wyatt, it wouldn’t make sense for ‘The Fiend’ to be involved in this.

And while it’s not completely in the realm of impossibility, I find it extremely unlikely to be any of his family members; like The Usos.

With Adam Cole facing Johnny Gargano for the NXT title this week, it’s possible he could be promoted if he were to lose.

The reveal would turn them, and make it an even bigger, more memorable moment. I also want to rule out anyone from 205 Live or NXT UK ..I do not have any insider info, so at this time, all we can do is make educated guesses on the identity of the perpetrator.Before we talk about who it could be, let’s rule out a few suspects.To help manage his filming in Los Angeles and his schoolwork in Oklahoma, he joined a virtual school called the Oklahoma Connections Academy.He was born in Oklahoma to parents Dinah and Mike and grew up with an older sister.

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It’s a pretty outlandish guess, but nothing’s impossible in the WWE Universe.