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Posted by / 25-Jul-2020 20:19

From the Windows 8 Help and Support regarding Defender: To help keep your definitions up to date, Windows Defender works with Windows Update to automatically install new definitions as they're released.

You can also have Windows Defender check online for updated definitions before scanning.

Our public devices have automatic Windows updates disabled via GPO.

These devices are frozen using Deep Freeze; they won't get Windows updates until next re-image in about 40 months.

If you read this Microsoft documentation you will see they make mention to updates taking place via WSUS (this is just a corporate front end for Windows Updates).Update the WSUS server configuration Note that the following will run on a WSUS server built-in Windows 2012 R2. Update Category Collection $products | foreach $subscription. Save() # Select the classifications I want and update the WSUS config $subscription = (Get-Wsus Server). Update Classification Collection $classifications | foreach $subscription. Save() There are two methods to deploy definition updates either by using an ADR (Automatic Deployment Rule) or manually.# Select the products I want and update the WSUS config $subscription = (Get-Wsus Server). Get Update Categories() | Where $coll = New-Object -Type Name Microsoft. Get Subscription() $classifications = (Get-Wsus Server). Get Update Classifications() | Where $coll = New-Object -Type Name Microsoft. The ADR method is documented on this page KB919772 But let’s do it manually as I don’t like ADR 😛 Let’s figure out what needs to be deployed: # Select my target group: Windows 7 computers $targetgroup = (Get-Wsus Server).In this case, update the definitions manually as this could be caused by Windows Update.Context: I’ve been recently alerted by a Nessus report that Windows Defender wasn’t up-to-date.

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Will Windows Defender update despite automatic Windows Updates being disabled?