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While you may be able to type funny and witty banter with a random avatar, meeting someone in person and having things click immediately is not a given.Traditional dates, where party A and party B agree to an extended interaction (i.e.dinner and a movie), is cool when you meet someone in person and feel the spark of chemistry The advantage of the pre-date is that you meet at a location (no one picks anyone up), and you’re not locked in for any amount of time.So there’s no need to find a bathroom window if things go south. Read our Frequently Asked Questions page, email your local coordinator or click the button below to chat live with Pre-Dating Customer Service. Join the notification list for your area to be notified of future events in your area that match your interest preferences.

In this world where dates are being initiated with less and less human contact, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making sure you take a moment to discover who you’re seeing before locking yourself into an actual date.The advantage of the pre-date is that you would meet up at a mutually agreed upon location at a public place you are both familiar with.Limiting your exposure to risk is simply a reality we all must confront when it comes to online dating.By vetting the person, you spare yourself the combination of wasting time and effort on someone who didn’t deserve much more than a drink or two from you.Once you realize that this is not the person for you, you can stand up and be on your way.

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They’re for the people who are meeting someone they’ve never seen in person—and they are becoming a necessity for a variety of different reasons.

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