Youth skits on dating

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Youth skits on dating

If all kids ever do is “hang out,” won’t they do the same when they’re married?

It’s great to veg out some nights of course, but if you and your spouse just sit on the couch all the time, you aren’t growing as a couple or making new memories!

Core Message: This skit is designed to highlight the alcohol and tobacco industries past practice of hiding the real truth about their product’s harm and risks. The skit can be performed with 6 students in the roles of game show host, announcer, and four contestants.

marriage, and strongly believe that dating your spouse is crucial to your relationship! We know that good dating habits are super important, so why not start teaching them young?

Preparation: You will need two (or more) buckets filled with... MAIN POINT: This game is designed to get students into the habit of encouraging one another with their words.“Spin the Compliment” is played exactly like that other game “Spin the Bottle”… Preparation: Gather plenty of media clips of various celebrities or famous personalities.

MAIN POINT: This game shows how we as humans can be different every day of the week, but Jesus is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.”Note: This activity can be used as a simple GAME that has absolutely no point, or as an OPENER that leads to a spiritual conversation. Get audio clips of different people that youth may know, such as singers, actors, entertainers, etc.

Help your teen brainstorm some fun date activities.We have found them useful before an alcohol presentation, to community groups, at PTA meetings, during DARE graduations, and at parent training programs.A flash drive of all of our theatrical skits – including scripts and in many cases a video showing what a performance looks like – is available for sale from Youth to Youth for a nominal price.We’ve got tons of ideas on our site that can be adapted for teens. Now it’s time for a lesson on how to act and behave once you are actually on your date!A fun way to do this is to watch a good and bad example, and identify what went well, and what went wrong!

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Together with your kids, make a set of family rules for dating. This is cute enough to be displayed in your home or teen’s room!

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